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Triple Cocoa Liquor Mills

Triple Cocoa Liquor Mills

Triple Cocoa Liquor Mills

This Lehmann mill can produce up to 1600 Lbs. of fine-finished cocoa liquor every hour.

Shown here is the Lehmann triple mill, designed to reduce pre-ground cocoa liquor slurry or cocoa nubs to finished cocoa liquor at rates up to 1,600 lbs. per hour.


Consisting of three separate grinding stages, each stage consisting of a top stone (rotor), and a bottom stone (stator), 48" in diameter, this unique mill has water cooling troughs in each bottom stone casing providing the cooler liquor temperatures needed to maintain the higher viscosities, faster production, and finer grades.

Pneumatic controls for each stage maintain precise grinding pressures and control stone lifting. When lowered, each stone automatically returns to its pre-set grinding pressure for fast, repetitive operation without adjustments.

The sturdily built Lehmann mill is designed for dependable, long-term service. Weighing approximately 20,000 lbs., it is virtually vibration-free. The housing straight-line design and smooth finish assure fast cleaning and the ultimate in sanitation.

Lehmann Mills also offers complete machine repairs or reconditioning for your stone mills. Additionally, we have the capability of repairing and reconditioning Triple Mill Stones. We have developed the unique process of refacing and recutting feathers for Triple Mill Stones making us the only supplier in the United States who provides this service. New mill stones can be purchased through Lehmann Mills.

Mill Platforms

Featuring rugged welded construction, Lehmann mill platforms follow the configuration of each mill base. Mills are bolted securely to the platform, which can be anchored directly to the floor. Available from 4" to 16 " in 2-inch increments, or custom-designed to meet your specifications.

Can Tilter

Can Tilter

Can Tilter

For easy feeding from cans or drums on all three roll mills. Available with double or single handwheel extension. We also offer an economy "CTE" line of tilters, utilizing a worm/worm gear combination, with ratchet and pawl controls in place of the commercial gear reducer.

Model - Double Mill Size Capacity
CT-A33 - 16" x 40" 4,000 lbs.
CT-A28 CT-A29 16" x 40" 3,000 lbs.
CT-A16 CT-A9 16" x 40" 2,000 lbs.
CT-A10 CT-A13 16" x 40" 1,600 lbs.
- CT-A8 16" x 40" 1,200 lbs.
- CT-A7 14" x 30" 1,200 lbs.
CT-B16 CT-B14 13" x 32" 1,600 lbs.
CTE-B16 CTE-B14 13" x 32" 1,200 lbs.
- CT-B11 13" x 32" 1,200 lbs.
- CTE-B11 13" x 32" 1,200 lbs.
- CT-C18 9" x 24" 1,200 lbs.

Lehmann "Economy" Can Tilter

Available for size 13" x 32" Three Roll Mills

The LEHMANN Economy Can Tilter utilizes a worm and worm gear arrangement, enclosed in a metal housing. This design eliminates the more costly integral worm gear reducer used in our standard design.

Depending upon the model, this design will save anywhere from 20% to 30% off of the price of the standard design.

Model # Handwheel(s) Max. Weight Max. Can Sizes
CTE-B-16 Double 1,600# 34" x 30"
CTE-B-14 Single 1,600# 34" x 30"
CTE-B-11 Single 1,200# 34" x 30"