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Lehmann Mills Building


Lehmann's heavy duty production mills are built to give many years of trouble free service and designed for ease of use. Rugged mill frame construction and high quality rolls are designed to withstand shock loads and forces while maintaining tolerances.

  • In-house machining and assembly
  • Full purchasing and vendor control
  • Heavy-duty construction and quality
  • Shop assembly, inspection and testing


Winning and retaining customers isn't a matter of competing on price. To be sure, a Lehmann mill has to be price sensitive, but more important it must perform flawlessly and with absolute repeatability under demanding conditions. Lehmann exercises tight process and quality control and employs state-of-the-art manufacturing and grinding technology. We manufacture our parts with very high tolerances. In our business, plus or minus isn't a consideration on critical parts.


Emphasis on precision and quality is reflected in Lehmann's choice of technology. The superior workmanship of a Lehmann mill is a direct result of our employees. Our technology is in our people. Our standards have been built upon with years of experience. We search out the best material and components to be used in our mills. We don't "value engineer" just to save money. What good is a machine if you can't count on it to deliver, at the quality level you need.


In earning our customers’ business, practical information from a trusted source is as necessary as the right chemistry, the right equipment, and the right people. To help our customers make sound business decisions, regarding roller mills, we know what's new in equipment and technology, and we know the facts.

Lehmann Mills is an international service center for any brand of three roll, four roll or five roll mill. Lehmann has extensive knowledge of the industries where roller mills are used. Lehmann offers the experience from years of global reach and plant floor knowledge to help your production operation.

Whether your production requires, a standard mill design with manual operation, or a more sophisticated mill design, Lehmann can provide you with the right amount of automation required for your production and budgetary parameters. Lehmann’s sales staff is at your service for consultation in recommending detailed specifications best suited to your particular needs.

If material testing is a factor, we have the ability to test your product, in our testing department, to ensure desired grind. There is an endless number of items built into our mills, which may not, in themselves, represent a very large capital investment, but which contribute greatly to smoother flow of production. It is not possible to show such specialty items in the presentation of our advertising, but we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the excellent performance of our equipment at our facility.


  • Three-roll horizontal mills
  • Three-roll vertical mills
  • Model 7312 KVH three-roll mill
  • Triple cocoa liquor mill
  • Model 731SV three-roll inclined mill
  • PLC/Electronic control packages
  • Laboratory mills
  • Special equipment
  • Quality reconditioned mills

Value-Added Services

  • Repair and rebuild
  • Reconditioning and modernizing
  • Custom-designed upgrades